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Salt Spring Island - 2018 is the inaugural year of my new studio gallery Love of Colour on Salt Spring Island. It is featured in the Salt Spring Island Studio Tour.

Collections - Love of Colour Studio-Gallery features several distinct collections in addition to the large format acrylics that are the centerpiece of the display. These collections include:

  • Something Wild, Something Bright; Many of these pieces have been, quite literally, the medicine that has carried me through some very challenging times because they allowed me to play as I love to, with colour and line, when I could not work on the large canvasses that have been my usual medium.
    I am delighted with the result which are like jewels to delight the eye. They are compact high-energy designs with a boldness and fantasy filled with the good humour and playfulness that I love to explore.
  • Elephant Gallery A celebration of my joy of elephant babies and families.
  • Child’s Play This fanciful collection captures the delight and innocence of children at play.
  • A Small World of Fantasy For years I have enjoyed creating spontaneous thoughts and impulses in watercolour pencil line and colour in small and tiny format.