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I began life on a cattle ranch in the mid-west, and my love of colour was born in the expansive skies and endless horizons of my youth.

Since my earliest age, my pen and pencil have drawn line images on paper, in books margins (and on just about anything else in front of me) wherever I find myself at a table or on a chair.

studies Shera Street has lived on Galiano Island for 40 years, where she has built Serenity Studio and Art Gallery, her personal studio. Since her childhood Shera’s art has always been more than play. It has been her release and her refuge in challenging times, and her way of reaching out to people. It was her ticket away from her South Dakota birthplace when she left to begin her formal art training in Eugene Oregon. She went on to study in Oslo, Norway, the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland and San Jose and Emily Carr in Vancouver. Since then she has had exhibitions at many shows over 45 years, with retrospectives in 1988 and 2009.

Shera Street Painting

CURRENTLY I am working in a new style that is a pure celebration, resolving a wide polarity of colours, values and strokes in a bold and balanced design that I find exciting.

SERENITY Perhaps my biggest 'work' is the island home, Serenity by the Sea Retreat I designed and built 25 years ago with my life-partner Chidakash. Its innovative and environmentally sensitive design has been a gift to many who have visited.