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"I honour the preciousness of the Individual" Shera Street

REIKI and GESTALT For more than 35 years I have channelled my natural healing gifts as a Reiki master and a practitioner of Gestalt Therapy. My intention is to empower others to deal creatively with their challenges before them, and help them find personal resources to move forward again with confidence. In this work I also use on my own intuitive gifts and draw on the strength I find in Earth, Light and Spirit.

CREATIVE SELF-DISCOVERY 20 years ago when I became the principle counsellor-life coach at Serenity by the Sea Retreat on Galiano Island my healing work gained a unique dimension. I integrated my healing work with my first great passion-Art-in a powerful form I call Creative Self-Discovery. In this work with others I am guided by my belief that whatever life brings are potentially stepping stones toward greater personal integrity and empowerment.

POINTS OF CONNECTION Many who have worked with me have been amazed to discover that the issues they are working with, be it migraines, brain damage, a broken back, abuse, the loss of children, abandonment, tumours, adoption, stroke, or crippling illnesses, are issues I have experienced myself-and I've grown and learned through each of them. These experiences are the source of the compassion I feel for those I meet and enable me to move quickly to their core concerns and feelings.

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