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Shera Street - painter

creativity coach

Discover the joy of creating playfully!

MY VISION I want my celebration of the colour, shapes and movement of the world around me to inspire others to discover and release their own creative expression.

NATURAL FLOW With my organic approach to creativity you learn easily. Whatever incident or judgment may have limited your creativity or held you back will become irrelevant as you unlock the natural flow of your own playful creativity.

Playfull creativity

LIVING LIFE FULLY You will learn spontaneously, as a child does, responding naturally to line, texture, colour and shapes with inspired from the magical natural world around you. Playfully and easily, you will discover new possibilities for expanding your creative abilities, and a new dimensions for living fully.

HANDS ON Whether painting, drawing, writing or mask making, this is about doing--with brush or materials in hand. Once the play begins, the passion kicks in and creativity flows.