books Shera Street
Shera Street - painter

FOR CHILDREN Once Upon and Elephant is a delightful book for children and those who love them to learn together about elephants. Includes pages that invite the young hand and mind into creative play with puzzles, colouring and writing to deepen the connection with elephants.


Book 1


Let's Play encourages parents siblings grandparent to play together. Its drawings, colouring, story telling and puzzles invite both right brain and left brain involvement as one learns about elephants. DVD included of real and imaginary baby elephants


Book 2

FOR ADULTS Designed for adults, Li'l Blessings is a celebration of all things positive. It quickly becomes a 'jewel box' of brightly coloured memories linking to all the joys, gifts, love and blessings that life brings. The perfect gift for birthdays, weddings and new beginnings.


Book 3